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24 hour Emergency Dentist Toronto

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Emergency Dental Clinic and Care in Toronto 24/7

  • Toothache
  • A broken tooth
  • Broken jaw
  • Lost crown

Accidents happen and they can often result in broken limbs, open wounds, and sometimes, broken teeth. If you think athletes are the only people that get their teeth knocked out, think again. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research, more than 500,000 dental emergencies are treated in hospital emergency rooms. But hospital emergency rooms do not have the equipment to deal with severe dental emergencies like a fractured tooth. They can realign your jaw, but they can’t do anything about the abrasions in your gums. A chipped tooth is usually indicated by a small portion of the tooth breaking off or there are superficial cracks within the tooth or teeth. They can be caused by a lot of factors ranging from vitamin deficiency to injury-causing sports or accidents. Regardless, a chipped tooth is a chipped tooth no matter how it happened.